Academic Essay Writing

As with all academic work, adhering to the following will help you attain better marks. Good critical pieces of academic work:

  1. Have clear introductions / opening sentences/statements that informs the reader of the arguments of the essay that will unfold 

  2. Are focused and relevant. The essay answers the question that is set and does not cover irrelevant material

  3. Is well articulated. The texts presents coherent academic arguments

  4. Have a good balance between examples and critical analysis/reflection

  5. Includes appropriate references such as relevant website archive material, news reports as well as published academic work

  6. Uses references for literature to contextualise and situate discussion and evaluation

  7. Uses academic language, which expresses a clear understanding of the topic

  8. Contains original ideas or augmentation

  9. Respects the word limit or is of reasonable length 


Academic Essay Structure

1.     Title Page

  • Clearly state the essay question you are answering

  • Clearly state your student ID number

2.     Introduction

  • Provide description of your chosen essay question/topic/issue

  • Explain how the essay will answer the chosen question

  • Develop an overall mission statement 

3.     Main Body

  •  Build your argument

  •  Group your ideas in a sequence to make a persuasive argument

  • One main point in each paragraph backed up with scholarly work

  • Make sure arguments are logical and flow appropriately

4.     Conclusion

  • Summarise your arguments and evidence

  • Show how you have answered the original essay question

5.     Reference list

  • Attach a correctly annotated reference list in alphabetical order  


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