Referencing Guide

Acknowledging someone else’s work, idea or argument is carried out in written work through a process called referencing.

Referencing requires you to include detailed information about the source that you used. It also covers from where you obtained the work/idea/argument that you used in your own work. It is important to reference the sources you use for your own work as this helps the reader (usually your lecturer or examiner) to find the original source you used. This also makes your work academic, shows the reader how you have formed your own argument using existing research, all of this helps you to achieve higher marks.

You may receive low marks on your work if you do not reference the sources you use, or if you do not annotate them correctly. Find out more on how to reference. 

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Essay Writing

You may have a great grasp of your subject area and a good understanding on how you will answer a essay question. However, students often struggle with translating their thoughts onto paper. Learn some simple steps that can help you to write and structure a academic essay and help you achieve an improved grade.


Presentation Skills

Standing in front of a room full of people for a couple or several minutes while you talk about a topic is a daunting task. There are several elements that need to come together in order to deliver a successful presentation. One of them being knowing how to control 'nerves'. Click below to find out what steps you can follow to deliver a winning presentation.

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Writing a thesis

A dissertation is a independent research project conducted in the final year of study, under the supervision of a lecturer. This is a great opportunity for the student to identify a topic of interest that they would like to explore in detail, usually through some form of research. This aspect of doing research is what makes a dissertation different from a academic essay. There are several chapters to a dissertation, hence the word count for the written piece tends to be longer than an essay. Click below to find out more about dissertations and tips you can incorporate in your writing to produce a strong thesis.


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