How Do I Submit A Post? 


Whether you have an idea for a post or would like to discuss a contribution, please send us a short pitch to or click on the link at the bottom of the page

We welcome contributions from students in any discipline in Higher Education and year of study.

You could for example write about:

  • your views or experience of being a student

  • projects you are associated with

  • your learning experience or the things you've learnt or observed along the way

  • research you've conducted or have been a part of

  • your time at university or the changes that are taking place in your respective field of study

  • blogs you have written as an assignment

  • or other topics not covered here  

What happens next?

Once your pitch is received you will receive a message from us informing you whether it has been accepted.

My pitch has been accepted…what happens next?

You will be required to submit a maximum 700-word post. If you prefer, you can submit an audio-visual post or mix the two up. You will receive feedback on your post submitted to us from an academic. You may be recommended to make some suggested revisions to your submission. Once revisions are accepted or negotiated we will be posting your submission on our site and advertising it on our social media platforms.

Why post on

We recognise blogging is now an integral part of Higher Education, students on many courses are required to write blogs as a part of their assessment. provides such students a platform to publish the blogs they have been working on and to share them with a wider audience. We hope lecturers too can benefit from reading posts published here to find out about student experiences in diverse fields. We hope this will encourage academics and students to learn from one another. 

As you will receive feedback from an academic on your submission, this will provide you with the opportunity to improve and develop reflective writing skills. 

Can I make an anonymous contribution for GradMinds?

Yes! Please state in your pitch to us that you would like your post to have an anonymous authorship.

I would like to post on GradMinds but require assistance, can you help me?

Yes!  Please send us a short pitch and mention in your email how we can assist you throughout the process. We will do our very best to help you produce an engaging post. 


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