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Writing a Blog Post

​Writing a blog post is a easy task, taking a few hours of your time. We have broken down the steps for you if you are writing a blog for the first time. You do not have to follow all the steps below but may find it useful. 

10 steps to writing a blog post:


  1. Decide on a topic

  2. Decide on the key argument you want to make (usually 1-2) and put it first in your blog

  3. Write in first person or with a active voice

  4. Keep the blog short, we recommend between 500-700 words

  5. Decide on a catchy title to grab attention

  6. Include links to other sites to situate your argument in a broader context

  7. Use images that relate to your topic

  8. Use bullet points or lists to make your blog easy to read

  9. Write your draft and receive feedback from us 

  10. Refine your blog


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